EastWest's Black Friday offer - better than ever!

45% off ComposerCloud X subscriptions, including Aparillo Cinematic Synth and upcoming Hollywood Backup Singers Hollywood, CA (November 26, 2019) - EastWest Sounds just started their annual Black Friday sale. This year, you can save 45% and get your first year of ComposerCloud X for only $199 / €199. ComposerCloud includes the recently launched Aparillo Cinematic Synth. Black Friday is a great opportunity to get instant access to EastWest’s over 40,000 award-winning virtual instruments with the #1 subscription service for musicians, ComposerCloud. ComposerCloud offers 66 collections including 2020 TEC Award Nominee for Best Musical Instrument Software HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS, 2020 SOS Award Nomi

Pretty Damned Smart

The Audiopluginguy reviews Gullfoss - when you read this review, you'll want to find out what the mystery is :) Full review here: https://www.audiopluginguy.com/review-gullfoss-from-soundtheory/

NIIICE! Warren checks out the Heritage Successor!

Warren liked trying out the Heritage SUCCESSOR: "That was great on the bass. I really, really enjoyed it. Fantastic on the masterbus and, of course, great on the drums... If this was your only piece of hardware, you can do these kind of things. You can really, really have fun with this. You can obviously print the drums annihilate it through this and then blend it back in afterwards, back in the box. You can go through everything, you can go through a vocal, through guitars, and give it that little extra compression edge that you want. This is a really good shaping tool. The side chain filter is really worth its weight in gold because it allows it to breath, and then you can compress everyt

Music Marcom increased traffic to Runway Audio by over 300% in just a few months

Our new awesome client, Runway Audio, hand-solders high-quality instrument cables in Nashville, TN. Cables are hard to market. While they play an important role when it comes to tone, they are usually an afterthought. Well, with a successful ad campaign on Facebook and some strategically placed endorsements, we managed to significantly increase our client's web traffic. Check out these plugs and mentions that made all the difference:

Amazona interviews UA endorser Garth Richardson

We faciliated an interview with Amazona.de, one of the leading music production websites in Germany, and UA endorser Garth Richardson. Garth has had a fascinating career, and he's a big UA fan: "Well, I use stuff from Universal Audio all the time. I use the LA-2A (Leveling Amplifier), the LA-3A (Audio Leveler), the 1176 (Limiting Amplifier), the Fairchilds. I also use a lot from their EQ offer, but only after recording; I chase it all down with the right equipment in Pro Tools and then I put things in the mix for a good sound. So, if I have a good base, then I can add something like an LA-2A or something from UAD in the course of mixing to make it sound better and better." Interview in Germa

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