As convincingly as a real choir

During Covid times, it's even more difficult to get backup singers in the studio. Professional Audio portrays a real-life-situation, where EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers came in handy: "In the end, I was able to stack multiple notes to create the choir that I’d set out to. They sing the lyrics of the hook line as convincingly as I would expect a “real choir” could. Though I don’t see this as a replacement for real vocalists, when you consider both the logistical and the  nancial barriers that come with having  rst-call backup singers on your project, EastWest’s Hollywood Backup Singers is a remarkable product and a much more viable option for most producers." Read the full review by cli

SOS interviews Austrian Audio CEO Martin Seidl

Martin Seidl, Founder and CEO of Microphone & Headphone manufacturer Austrian Audio, chats to SOS Editor In Chief Sam Inglis about the company's origin as it emerged from the ashes of AKG, current products and future technological developments, plus why their core range of products will remain analogue at heart.

Three of the world’s finest session vocalists at your fingertips...

Synth & Software published James Rotondi's thoughts on EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers. He finds, HBS is much more than just a replacement for in-person backup singers and asks "Why see this rather ingenious tool, and others like it, as a replacement for anything? Especially when it’s such a versatile and deep palette in and of itself?" Read the full review here:

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