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"Just a note about the ad campaign you did for us…we had a couple of people come to the booth specifically because they saw those ads.  One guy mentioned that it was the only reason he came by and he never would have considered our products had he not seen that ad.  I felt the same way when I saw it.  The ad copy is enticing and seductive." - Kirsten Bock, Marketing Manager, Bock Audio

"We have been absolutely satisfied with all you and Brian have done so far for Its been really amazing to see ALK appearing in all the right places and you've exceeded all of our expectations. We would certainly desire to work with you again." - Robin Fisher,

"As an editor, I'm always trying to clear through the clutter of content and produce material that matters most to our readers. What makes Music Marcom so exceptional is that they understand the shape of our audience and target us with industry information we like to get our hands on. In other words, their great work never wastes our time." - Daron James, Editor, Sound & Picture


"iZotope has had the pleasure of working with Music Marcom since the very beginning. Their focus, attention to detail, and assertiveness continue to build our brand in the Pro Audio, MI, and Post Production industries, as well as new industries and geographic locations. Up for anything, they deliver great results with a positive attitude, fostering close relationships with the media on iZotope's behalf. Thank you, Music Marcom, for being a true member of the iZotope team!" - Kim Pfluger, PR & Events Manager, iZotope, Inc.


"For the best results for all concerned, trade journal editors and industry public relations representatives must work closely together. Music Marcom makes such a relationship extremely easy, productive and pleasurable." - Frank Wells, Editor, Pro Sound News


"We have been working with Music Marcom for the last five years to help us gain better product recognition of our musician oriented publications in the MI space. They have done an amazing job augmenting our in-house efforts, which is exactly what we needed when we started this relationship. Brian and Martina have been wonderful to work with and are very engaged with both our publications and authors. This makes all the difference in the end results. We look forward to working with them well into the future." - John Cerullo, Group Publisher, Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group


"Good PR requires a solid plan and a persistent, hands-on approach. Music Marcom know the industry, have the right relationships, and provide EASTWEST the constant exposure we need, freeing us to focus on what we do best - producing the best virtual instruments on the planet!"

- Doug Rogers, Founder/Producer, EASTWEST


"Indeed, working with Martina was a pleasure! You were on the ball all the time! I wish all my vendors were. Music Marcom will be my only call for future PR work and I will refer you without hesitation." - Angelica Dewlow, Marketing Director, Location Sound Corporation


"Martina and Music Marcom are the best. She's easy to work with, is always right on top of things, and gets me anything I need to get the job done. It's a pleasure to work with a pro like her. I wish everyone was like that!" Rich Tozzoli, Grammy nominated Producer/Mixer/Composer, Software Editor, Pro Audio Review/Pro Sound News 


"I had the pleasure of working with Music Marcom for a few years during my tenure running ADAM Audio USA. Brian was completely on top of every detail in every way, handling our marketing and PR thoroughly and professionally.  It gave me great peace of mind knowing my back was so well covered." - Dave Bryce, CEO, ADAM Audio USA


"Kaysound Imports has worked with Music Marcom in many capacities over the years. We rely their professionalism to help increase our presence in the American market." - Mark Kalisky, President, Kaysound Imports


"Just wanted to let you know that your press releases are excellent. You must know how many we get here at Futuremusic, and your writing really stands out. If we were reviewing your work, it would easily score a 100% rating." - Dan Brotman,


“Auralex believes in the value of good PR. Music Marcom brings to the table industry knowledge and strong relationships, and we’re excited to have them launch our ELiTE product line to the Pro Audio market.” - Tracy Chandler, Director of Sales/Marketing, Auralex Acoustics


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brian for many years. There was never a time when I called on him to get something done, that it didn't get done completely and with speed." Elliot Scheiner, Grammy award winning Producer/Engineer


"I wanted to thank you for handling the release of my new book. In the weeks since your press release, we have experienced very brisk sales that I can only attribute to your highly professional release and wide breadth of  subscribers." - Marc Schonbrun, Audio Technology Author

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