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NIIICE! Warren checks out the Heritage Successor!

Warren liked trying out the Heritage SUCCESSOR: "That was great on the bass. I really, really enjoyed it. Fantastic on the masterbus and, of course, great on the drums... If this was your only piece of hardware, you can do these kind of things. You can really, really have fun with this. You can obviously print the drums annihilate it through this and then blend it back in afterwards, back in the box. You can go through everything, you can go through a vocal, through guitars, and give it that little extra compression edge that you want. This is a really good shaping tool. The side chain filter is really worth its weight in gold because it allows it to breath, and then you can compress everything above that. That worked really, really well. It seems to be an all-in-one unit, it has the ability to do parallel compression by having a blend knob. It serves every purpose."

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