Darrell Braun got his OC18s

Darrell Braun, guitar player and YouTube star, just received his Austrian Audio OC18s and shared these beauty shots on IG:

Game Changer Microphone Austrian Audio OC818

David Gnozzi uses the Austrian Audio mic OC818 in a recording session with singer Carly. Here is what he's found: "With the best built quality, made in Vienna this revolutionary microphone has customizable and recallable polar patterns, it can be controlled remotely, you can save presets thru IOS, Android app or via plugins on both PC or MAC. The polar designer plugin allows you to change the polar pattern of the microphone AFTER the recording, and you can customize the polar pattern by FREQUENCY up to 5 bands, safe and recall settings. It also boast an impressive 148db SPL and it has dual output, allowing you to record both capsules independently, learn the spill from the back capsule, maxi

David Gnozzi checks out the EVO 4

David likes the look and the smarts of the new EVO 4 interface by Audient: "This thing sets your gain for you, so you don't clip and you don't record too low. Why has nobody thought of this before?" Check out the full review at

SOS reviews EastWest's Hollywood Backup Singers: "Highly polished vocal sound"

John Walden has high praise for the latest vocal instrument by EastWest. "For those of us that don't have a trio of professional backing singers tucked in a corner of our studios waiting to be called (or the budget to hire them in), once mastered, HBS is a genuinely impressive software-based alternative.... Hollywood Backup Singers is a quality product and capable of great results." Read the full review online at

Megasynth finds EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers a great solution for home producers

"I am sure that, especially today, in times of tight budgets for productions, film or television composers can work wonderfully with this plug-in. But HBS is also great for the many home producers, who don’t have access to a choir or a good recording room. HBS allows each production in a home studio setting to reach a higher level." Read the full review here.

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