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Sound Particles to exhibit at AES, GameSoundCon and SMPTE Media Technology Summit

Named one of the hottest European start-ups, Sound Particles hits the US with a 3 stop tour at our favorite events:

Meet Sound Particles at AES, GameSoundCon and SMPTE!

Lisbon, Portugal (October 13, 2022) - Sound Particles, just named one of the hottest startups in Europe by Wired magazine, is presenting their ground-breaking 3D audio software at several events this month in the US. First up is AES in New York, where Sound Particles will demonstrate their latest plugins, then on to Los Angeles to exhibit at GameSoundCon and to present at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit.

Sound Particles’ sound design technology is fascinating, capable of generating thousands of sounds in a virtual 3D audio world. This immersive audio application will enable sound designers and engineers to create highly complex sounds on the fly, better and faster than ever. One of their most recent releases is Density, an audio effect plugin that creates various layers of sounds based on the input. With great results in stereo and fantastic ones in immersive, this plugin allows artists to create incredible sounding ensembles based on a solo input and get incredible spatialization. Think getting a whole string ensemble from the sound of just one violin, or an entire choir from one vocal recording. The possibilities are endless.

The company also offers a number of plugins that revolutionized sound production, especially in the world of game and film sound. Sound Particles software is used in TV series like “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things”, as in movies like "Independence Day: New Threat", "Ghostbusters", "The Magnificent Seven", "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", "Justice League", "Free Guy", "Dune", "Frozen 2", and Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One”, and many others.

Sound Particles’ founder and CEO, Nuno Fonseca, states: “I’m very much looking forward to our US trip this year, seeing friends and peers both at AES and at GameSoundCon. I’m excited about the opportunity to present at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit on Oct. 26th where I’ll be speaking about our journey on a more personal level.”

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