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Sampling Techniques for Modern Musicians with Yeuda Ben-Atar

Montclair, NJ - Hal Leonard has released Sampling Techniques with Yeuda Ben-Atar, a new video course for Groove3 subscribers.

In 14 tutorials, Yeuda Ben-Atar takes us into the always innovative, often revolutionary, sometimes controversial world of this now essential audio practice. From rote fundamentals - What is a sampler? How do we use a sampler? - to the broadest and most complicated questions - How do we sample musical instruments? What and when should we sample? - this course serves as a guided exploration of the diverse equipment and techniques, such as

  • Sampling with Ableton's "Simpler" and advanced looping with "Sampler"

  • Time stretching, voicing, and glide

  • How to shape your samples with filters and envelopes

  • How to use Low Frequency Oscillators

  • Round Robin sampling, multi sampling, and granular sampling

  • Interpolation

A multi-instrumentalist with experience in virtually every genre, Yeuda permeates his lessons with an infectious enthusiasm for music and those who create it. His work as an instructor, musician, and producer endow him with a unique perspective on how we can best engage with and learn about sampling. Sampling Techniques is the perfect primer for anyone with a vested interest in music-making-especially through music-taking!

YEUDA BEN-ATAR, aka Side Brain, is a producer, performer, and music educator based in Los Angeles, California. He began his career in music playing keys and guitar in the 1990s. In 2007, he began producing hip-hop and soul-influenced music. In 2009, Yeuda founded Beat Lab LA, teaching private lessons in advanced electronic music production and performance. In 2011, he released his first album on the Holy Dubs Recording label out of Jerusalem, Israel. Most of Yeuda's time is devoted to making music for commercial use and live performances.

Availability & Pricing

Exlusively available with the Groove3 All-Access Pass for $15.00/month at

About Hal Leonard and Groove3:

Hal Leonard Books, a division of Hal Leonard LLC, the leading publisher of books and digital content on the music business, audio technology, and instrument history, and Groove3, the audio community's online resource for top-notch training videos, have announced a long-term strategic partnership to develop and deliver authoritative content to the world. Over the coming months and years, Hal Leonard will bring an unprecedented assortment of globally influential recording, audio, and music experts from a variety of fields to the Groove3 platform.

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