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ANR Reviews Sound Forge Mac Pro 3

"SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3 is a great audio editing software for MAC. Being a small market, there’s not too much competition out there. But I feel that Magix shouldn’t rest on its laurels because of that. It’s super clean, and processes audio quickly. I felt that it was missing a few things that would help speed editing immensely, and I became frustrated at the lack of them. namely; KEY COMMANDS. Menu diving is so 2010. I want to access all the tools on the window immediately, to keep my flow going. Having to select a segment of audio, then go to a menu? I feel this is a big gap in the workflow process of soundforge3.It also felt a little shaky stability-wise every now and then. Certain plugins crash it, and selecting too big a repair window (in find/repair) will crash it. However, it is in software infancy, and is showing a lot of promise. The software has recently been bought out by Magix, so I have hopes for improvements and updates from here on out. I miss my old BIAS Peak, and sound designer II, so if this keeps going in the same direction I’m in!"

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