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Hal Leonard Releases Managing Your Band - Artist Management: The Ultimate Responsibility

by Dr. Stephen Marcone and Dave Philp

Montclair, NJ - To be successful as a musician today requires a thorough understanding of the market and how publishing rights have changed in the digital age. In Managing Your Band - Artist Management: The Ultimate Responsibility, Stephen Marcone and David Philp help DIY musicians and personal managers to best understand the music business in all its forms, including managing the artist's brand for concerts, licensing, festivals, merchandising, and fashion.

Now in its sixth edition, Managing Your Band has long since been the standard bearer for the personal manager who is facing the task to guide an unkown artist to stardom, and for the DIY artist who knows he can't do it alone but who lacks the funds to hire professionals.

The book has received accolades from industry heavy-weights like John Butler, Vice President of Promotion at Curb, who believes that "Marcone and Philp take on our ever-changing business with a fresh and complete approach. The breadth of information here is as important to veterans as it is to the new entrepreneurs that will power the current and next versions of the music industry." Paul Sinclair, the EVP of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Atlantic, attests that "the 6th edition of Managing Your Band provides an excellent blueprint to follow paths of flexibility and specificity toward a successful career in music. In this book, you find the framework. Implement it well and you have a better shot of finding success with your musical art." Aaron Van Duyne, a CPA and Business Manager, considers it "not only a great resource, but also a great text for teaching about the manager's role in securing success in this complicated business." "This step-by-step guide will help you grow from a gear-lugging friend into a professional manager whose chops are equal to those of the bands you manage," says Michael Simon, the President of music licensing juggernaut Rumblefish.

In the end, Doc McGhee, the man who whisked Bon Jovi and Motley Crue to superstardom, says it best: "I wish I had something like this when I was starting out!"

Managing Your Brand - Artist Management:

The Ultimate Responsibility (6th edition)

MSRP: $34.95

Softcover, 344 pages

ISBN 9781495075070

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