New Courses Added to the Josh Bess Webinar Series

A Remix Session from Start to Finish - Open Q&A about the Life of a Music Creator in Japan - Turning Ideas into a Song

Montclair, NJ - Courses 11 through 14 of the Josh Bess Webinar Series have been added at Expert and Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Bess answers questions about his life and career in Japan, and he has more advice and tips for remixing and creating tracks.

The new courses are:

Open Q&A with Josh Bess

Josh answers questions focused on life as a full-time music creator in Japan, along with topics focused on music production with Ableton Live. Josh shares tips and tricks to incorporate into your own original music creation, no matter what style of music you are creating.

Remixing Yohei Ueno, Part 1 and Part 2

Josh Bess dives into a personal techno remix session for Yohei Ueno and records this entire session from start to finish, allowing you to watch, listen, and learn from the entire process. Where most producers cut the camera, Josh keeps it rolling and shows you exactly how much time and effort realistically goes into the creation process.

Turning Ideas into a Song

In this course, Josh Bess opens up his own personal live session in Ableton Live, to explain how to turn a small and simple idea into a full music arrangement, ready to live performance, and/or an official release. Josh discusses many ways to get you started with building your ideas, along with other tips and tricks to incorporate into your own original music creation, no matter what style of music you are creating.

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About the Josh Bess Webinar Series

In this series, Josh takes you into his home studio in Tokyo, Japan, and invites you to watch his video streaming webinar series. Each tutorial includes a recording of a live-streamed video lesson including a Q&A session with the participants. This is a new form of instruction as viewers participate with questions that Josh answers within the session, so each webinar has an intimate feel to it as if you are attending a private lesson with the expert.

JOSH BESS is a percussionist, electronic performing artist, and Ableton Certified Trainer. Performing with multiple artists and employing a wide variety of styles, he is experienced in jazz, funk, Latin, pop, rock, and more. In addition to performing, Bess developed an interest in music production and went on to earn his college degree in audio engineering and jazz commercial performance. He has fused his knowledge and his ear for audio production with his percussive background to develop an efficient and creative electronic workflow-a combination that he regularly puts to work in his compositions and live performances. For more information, visit

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