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Five Years of EVE Audio

High-end German studio monitor manufacturer celebrates their 5th anniversary in May

Berlin, Germany - Veteran music industry R&D engineer Roland Stenz founded EVE Audio in 2011, relying on more than 25 years of experience in pro audio and loudspeaker design to create EVE’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning line of professional studio monitors.

"When we opened the doors of EVE Audio in 2011, my goal was to re-think and re-engineer each audio component of the professional loudspeaker," said Stenz. "We are very proud to say that the result is the most efficient and accurate monitor used by many audio professionals around the world."

Over the past five years, EVE Audio has built an ever-growing worldwide customer base thanks to a strong distribution network with business partners in more then 60 countries. Users from many different audio markets, ranging from home audio enthusiasts to professional recording and post-production studios as well as broadcast stations rely on EVE Audio products.

Kerstin Mischke, who is responsible for global sales and marketing at EVE Audio, looks to continue the company’s upward growth and expansion over the coming years.

"Within a remarkable short period of time we have managed to introduce EVE Audio globally," she said. "Numerous and glowing speaker reviews have helped raise awareness for this new brand and within our first five years, EVE Audio's reputation for quality has enjoyed massive growth."

With the recent introduction of their new SC203 desktop loudspeaker, the company offers high-end professional solutions from small-footprint desktop use to large studio main monitoring and for any scenario in between.

"Today, EVE Audio stands for high quality sound reproduction and reliable products that are nicely welcomed from customers and professional business partners likewise," sums up Mischke.

About EVE Audio

EVE Audio is a Berlin-based manufacturer of high-end studio monitors. Their product range consists of 10 studio monitors ranging from small to medium to large, 1 desktop loudspeaker system, 4 remote controlled subwoofers, mounting solutions for different models and 1 Passive Monitor Router. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we offer modern offices, practical production space and R&D laboratory with an anechoic chamber and reverberation room.

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