Bass Player Magazine Reviews Babiuk's Beatles Gear

Jim Roberts takes a look at Andy Babiuk's latest title Beatles Gear: The Ultimate Edition, published by Backbeat Books in the December issue.

"The most enticing bit of new bass information is a photo of McCartney using a left-handed Fender Jazz Bass in 1968, during the sessions for the "White Album." Babiuk says he had heard rumors that Paul had used a Jazz Bass when making that landmark recording-but Paul told him no, not until later, in Wings. Then Babiuk got a call from his friend David Fricke, an editor af Rolling Stone. "In their archives, they had some photos by Linda McCartney that were taken during the making of the White Album;' says Babiuk. "And lo and beholcl, there's a picture of Paul playing a lefty Jazz Bass, sitting next to George in the studio."

Read the full review here.

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