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Sound On Sound Reviews Pro Drummer (& Composer Cloud)

The September issue of Sound On Sound Magazine features a full review of EastWest's Pro Drummer Virtual Instrument as well as a sidebar review of Composer Cloud, the company's new subscription model.

"In building ProDrummer’s content around named producers and, in particular, around a collection of kits recorded in named rooms with distinctive sonic characters, EastWest are coming at the concept of a sophisticated virtual drummer instrument from a slightly different angle. Both volumes, however, deliver fabulous results. Do you need both? Well, that’s a tricky call, and you might easily decide that the mixing options provide you with more than enough variation from just one volume when getting started. Alternatively, opting for a Composer Cloud subscription gives you all the choice you could want! That said, both Spike Stent and Joe Chiccarelli — plus the EastWest team of course — have done a great job in creating these libraries. If you are in the market for a top-end virtual drum instrument, ProDrummer, whether Vol 1 or Vol 2 or both, should most certainly be on you audition list alongside the obvious competition."

Read the full review here.

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