PSE NYC Ambisonics in Pro Tools Expert Sunday Roundup

Pro Tools Expert's Sunday Sound Effects Roundup this week's includes Pro Sound Effects new NYC Ambisonics software-controlled sound effects library as well as information on their new subscription pricing:

"NYC Ambisonics is a 35GB sound effects library that comes with software from TSL Products that allows a sound editor to point "virtual microphones" in any direction and with a variety of polar patterns for greater control and creativity.

Pro Sound Effects' new pricing includes flexible options. Customers with small-scale productions can search, audition, and purchase individual 100% royalty-free sound effects from $5. Monthly subscription plans include Basic, Plus, and Pro plans ranging from $29 per month for 15 sound effects to $89 per month for 60 sound effects. Monthly subscriptions plans allow unused allotments to be rolled over from month to month so customers enjoy the full value of the plan. Customised multi-user plans are also available based on the number of users."

See the full roundup here.

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