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POST Features PSE in SFX Article

The May issue of POST Magazine includes a features article called "Sound Libraries In The Mix", in which Jennifer Walden interviews several sound designers about their tools and techniques.

Pro Sound Effects is prominent throughout.

“Pro Sound Effects can basically customize a library for you and it shows up on a hard drive with all the invaluable metadata, and it’s organized, and it’s everything that you need. My fear of living without the Skywalker Sound Library has ceased now that I found Pro Sound Effects.” When he needs a certain sound, or set of sounds, Beau Borders prefers to have a member of the film sound crew capture custom field recordings, but with shrinking budgets and schedules, field recordings are the first thing to go. “It’s a rarity that we can actually put somebody out in the field to record custom sound,” says Borders. “That’s sad. I prefer the organic quality of using the real, natural, raw sounds. If you just had the perfect recording to begin with, you wouldn’t have to rely on all the processing and manipulation.” In a pinch, Borders says, Pro Sound Effects comes through. “If I need a kit of World War II airplanes, for example, they’re going to have it. It’s kind of like having a sound designer on call at all times.” Borders observes that film schedules that allowed for months of audio post can get condensed to merely weeks, and crews are constantly shifting from studio to studio. That’s just the nature of the business changing. “Now we have to look at prerecorded libraries and places we can pull sounds from. Pro Sound Effects is great because they have well-organized, searchable databases and it’s all right there ready to cut. I feel like my safety net is back,” states Borders."

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