Grammy Award Nominated X Producer Adds Audient

”ASP880 has a wonderful true clarity to its sound”

Surrey, UK – Multi-platinum selling music producer and songwriter, Jake Gosling has added an Audient ASP880 to his already gear-packed Sticky Studios in Surrey, where he devotes much of his energy to developing fresh, new musical talent. Well-known for his work with a young Ed Sheeran back in 2007, Gosling confirms that, “This is something I’ve always been passionate about, and will continue to do.”

An Audient stalwart, self-confessed vintage analogue gear fan Gosling already owns ASP008s and didn’t need any persuading to buy the latest 8-channel mic pre and ADC from Audient. “The ASP880 has a wonderful true clarity to its sound. I find it incredibly transparent, there is a depth of frequency there, but this doesn’t seem to complicate the true nature of what I am recording,” he says when asked about his latest Audient purchase. He describes the unit as, “...very ergonomic in design and nature,” and “...simple to use. It’s important for me to record quickly especially with regards to writing,” he explains. “I like to keep recording seamless, and to keep it simple. The ASP880 allows me to do this.”

Working on many of the tracks on Sheeran’s current album, X, getting nominated for a Grammy and hearing the track he produced, Thinking Out Loud play on the radio are just some of Gosling’s proudest moments. “The fact that my dad is playing on the record meant so much,” he adds.

“More recently I have been approached by more established artists, but as a rule it always has to be something that I really like.” With James Bay, Tom Odell, Mr Probz, Jake Isaac, All Time Low and many other new acts in his current work schedule, it doesn’t leave much space for anything else. Having said that, Gosling has still found time to create STICKY HUB, which he explains as “...a new online platform for like-minded people to come and share their music and creative experiences.” In development now and launching soon, that’s just another thing to look out for.

At Audient, quality begins with our intelligent design, developing into solidly built products focused on sound quality and inspiring features. With a proud heritage of award winning audio excellence stretching back to 1997, Audient continues to develop exciting and innovative products for the audio recording market.

A philosophy of providing world class, affordable and accessible technology with the aim to capture and enhance creativity has seen Audient build a strong community of creative users in professional and home-studios worldwide. Impeccable performance and reliability can be seen throughout our versatile product range, from the flagship ASP8024 studio console through to 2014 TEC Award nominee 8-channel mic pre ASP880, the feature packed console grade USB audio interface iD22 and the compact analogue desk, ASP4816.

Audient operates from its headquarters in Hampshire, England.­

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