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Winning Remixes of TwoDots App Theme Song Published on Blend Label

TwoDots original soundtrack and remixes, as well as ten ringtones are now available on all major streaming networks

NYC (June 24 , 2014) – Blend (, an online network where musicians share and collaborate on tracks, announces its debut as a record label with the release of the original soundtrack to TwoDots, the sequel to the very popular and Webby Award winning Dots game which launched last year to over 20 million downloads.

Joining forces once again with Upright T-Rex, the sound designers from the original Dots game, the TwoDots Original Soundtrack evolves from the classic bleeps and tones to a lush, orchestrated and immersive album. With a diverse range of genres and moods, the twelve-track offering weaves from old school cool cuts like Dusty Dots to the pensive, synth laden meditations of Fire Forrest, creating a narrative just as engaging as the app experience itself.

Included on the album are the two winning remixes created from the recent remix competition, where “Blenders” remixed the TwoDots theme song in their own style and direction. Remix winner Proper Villains is a NYC based dubstep and bass producer who’s trap-style take on the the TwoDots theme rivals some of the biggest club tracks out today. The contest’s co-winner, Barcelona based audio/visual remixer Eclectic Method, injects a upbeat Drum N Bass flavor to his rework, adding a dose of high energy rhythms and clever repurposing of the original track’s instrumentation.

Along with the original soundtrack, Blend is also releasing ten ringtones to bring TwoDots’ themes into your calls, texts, alarms and alerts.

TwoDots (Original Soundtrack) Tracklist:

1. Dusty Dots 2. Dusty Dots in-game

3. Undersea Adventures

4. Ice Fortress 5. Fire Forrest 6. Dusty Duo 7. Bossa Bossa 8. Lift Off Parade 9. Lovely Adventure

10. Travel Hearts

11. Dusty Dots (Proper Villains Remix)

12. Dusty Dots (Eclectic Method Remix)

The TwoDots Original Soundtrack will be available digitally worldwide on June 24, 2014 through all major online retailers and streaming services, including iTunes

About Blend

Blend was created for musicians to connect and share in-progress tracks and collaborate, or “blend” each other’s works. While other networks focus on publishing completed music, Blend provides a platform for musicians to collaborate directly with each other in their native (source) format. Blend supports major DAWs, such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, Garageband, and more. More DAWs are continuously added, allowing music creators to find, share and collaborate on music projects in their native (source) format. While other networks publish completed music, Blend’s focus is on creating and collaborating while projects are in progress. For more information and to enter, please visit

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