Brave new horizons: Music Nation reviews EastWest Voices of Opera

Music Nation checks out the latest EastWest release and tells us "the sound quality is absolutely amazing. Both tenor and soprano performances have been recorded incredibly well and the level of continuity between takes is outstanding. It must be extremely difficult consistently to sing operatic notes at this level over weeks, and the two performers deserve a standing ovation." Read the full review here: about Gullfoss: Incredibly helpful tool. put Gullfoss through its paces and has only good things to say about the intelligent EQ plugin: - first-rate mixing tool, great results with minimum effort, easy to use, attractive pricing! Read the full review at

Tape Op Loves Gullfoss

Larry Crane checked out Gullfoss, and here is his conclusion: "But man, it's good, it works, and the reasons behind that make sense. Gullfoss is one of the reasons plug-ins exist, for me, and is a promising glimpse into the future of audio." Read the full review at

Bonedo Review of Voices of Opera: "Highly recommended!"

Bonedo's reviewer Peter Koenemann obviously enjoyed playing with EastWest's latest vocal instrument, Voices of Opera. He talks about the "outstandingly sounding samples", how the three mic positions make it so much easier to include different aesthetics in the mix, and how well the internal convolution reverb sounds, and finds the product has an "outstanding price-performance ratio". Highly recommended indeed!

J. Singer, Music Mix Mobile, explains why UA Live Rack is an excellent choice for live recording

Sarah Jones interviews Joel Singer about the use of Live Rack in a recent LiveDesign interview: "We just finished doing a couple of shows. And, the Live Racks were used for certain emulations, like the AMS Reverb has classic nonlinear program that everyone uses on drums. It's just spot on. The Distressor program is a spot-on emulation of the Distressor. It's perfect. We've used the EMT plates, like the 140 and the 250. You can't carry a plate with you on the truck; it just doesn't work. But, having the emulation of it is great.The Live Rack has low, low latency...before, we were pulling an Apollo 16 into situations when we needed a UAD. You'd go in and out of an analog as an insert. Because

Warren Huart checks out the EVE SC408s monitors in Hansa Studios, Berlin

Warren Huart tours the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin and checks out the EVE SC408 monitors he'll be using for his masterclass in Berlin. Roland Stenz, founder of EVE Audio and head of development, walks Warren through all the technical advances that went into the SC408s and why they are better sounding than any other speakers in the market (starts at 13:45)

Audient Introduces Nero: Desktop Monitor Controller

Hampshire, UK – British audio company Audient is proud to announce Nero, the desktop monitor controller. Offering a comprehensive range of I/O, console style monitor control, an assignable sub output, Precision Matched Attenuation Technology and more, Nero is designed to be at the core of the desktop studio. Marketing Director, Andy Allen says, “Nero builds on our 20 years of expertise in analogue design heritage, courtesy of David Dearden designed circuitry. As a studio grows, it can be difficult to keep a handle on monitoring but Nero will provide centralised, customisable control for all your monitoring needs - right from your desktop.” Four stereo analogue inputs, including two line leve

Blown away - SonicScoop's review of Gullfoss

Jake Goodman finds: "This plugin really has enabled me to solve the same old problems by coming at them from a new angle. There is no tool on the market that can manipulate elements the way Gullfoss can. I was even able to bring out a harmony in a background vocal stem simply using Recover and Bias, even though I didn’t have the individual tracks. Additionally, in its advertised use as a mastering plugin I was blown away. Gullfoss gives a final polish that when stripped leaves you wanting more. Once you hear the effect, you feel like something is missing if you bypass it; the sound is suddenly less firm and generally less “finished.” Gullfoss can both expose problems you may have not even no

Sean Daniel Compares Looper Pedals for Sweetwater

Sean and his friends #Dovydas and #Andres compare the Digitech JamMan Stereo, the BOSS RC-3, the DigiTech Trio+, the TC Electronic Ditto & the Electro-Harmonix Canyon. Plus, Sweetwater gives away the JamMan at

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