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J. Singer, Music Mix Mobile, explains why UA Live Rack is an excellent choice for live recording

Sarah Jones interviews Joel Singer about the use of Live Rack in a recent LiveDesign interview: "We just finished doing a couple of shows. And, the Live Racks were used for certain emulations, like the AMS Reverb has classic nonlinear program that everyone uses on drums. It's just spot on. The Distressor program is a spot-on emulation of the Distressor. It's perfect. We've used the EMT plates, like the 140 and the 250. You can't carry a plate with you on the truck; it just doesn't work. But, having the emulation of it is great.The Live Rack has low, low latency...before, we were pulling an Apollo 16 into situations when we needed a UAD. You'd go in and out of an analog as an insert. Because the Apollo 16 processes everything in the box itself, you were able to get the low latency in the Apollo 16 also. But, it didn't offer any of the recallable parameters that the Live Rack does."

Music Mix Mobile Truck Interior with UA Live Racks

Read the full interview here:

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