Blown away - SonicScoop's review of Gullfoss

Jake Goodman finds: "This plugin really has enabled me to solve the same old problems by coming at them from a new angle. There is no tool on the market that can manipulate elements the way Gullfoss can. I was even able to bring out a harmony in a background vocal stem simply using Recover and Bias, even though I didn’t have the individual tracks. Additionally, in its advertised use as a mastering plugin I was blown away. Gullfoss gives a final polish that when stripped leaves you wanting more. Once you hear the effect, you feel like something is missing if you bypass it; the sound is suddenly less firm and generally less “finished.” Gullfoss can both expose problems you may have not even noticed, as well as address them in a musical and non-invasive manner. This makes it even a powerful mix diagnostic tool, letting you know what areas need to be addressed."

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