Pro Sound Effects Releases The Odyssey Collection: Vehicles

Available now: groundbreaking car sound effects library curated from award-winning sound editors’ private collection Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released The Odyssey Collection: Vehicles – the newest exclusive library from their partnership with Academy Award®-winning sound editors, Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. With more than 12,000 audio files recorded while creating the sound for hundreds of Hollywood feature films, Odyssey Vehicles (OV) presents a new approach to sound library curation combining the comprehensive offering of a general library with the pinpoint focus of a specialty library. OV features over 250 different v

SOS:'s ALK2 is "the only game in town"

Bob Thomas finds "if you’re looking for a comparatively inexpensive, easy to use, comprehensively featured, hands-free live looping performance platform that can handle audio and MIDI loops and also has the ability to automate your entire performance, then ZenAudio’s ALK2 program is the only game in town." Read the full review at

"Perfect Tool." Interface Magazine reviews Gullfoss

"Gullfoss is not a total solution for major interventions, but rather the perfect tool for the proverbial dots on the i. The precision with which Gullfoss does his work is, despite the limited number of controllable parameters, amazing. Do take the time with this plugin; it is essential to know what you are looking for. The added value is really in the small, subtle changes. It cleans up a piano recording that sounds a bit too nasal with as much ease as cleaning up a silty mix, but only if you use it with moderation. Gullfoss is also, in addition to simpler solutions for complex mixing problems, a precision tool for the experienced engineer. Gullfoss delivers results that you can normally o

YouTuber Sean Devine Reviews Cloudlifter Z

"Many of you have shared common preamp issues with a weak, noisy signal for your dynamic microphones (such as the SM7b). I've been using the CL-1 for years to get a cleaner, louder signal but after trying out the CL-Z, the creative tone shaping possibilities have definitely gone up a notch"

Tape Op Reviews Audient ASP-8024 Heritage Console

"The mic preamps are so good I don't feel a need to reach for high-end outboard preamps. The console has enough subtle character to make mixes interesting. Being able to switch the Carnhill transformer in or out of the stereo bus is great. The routing options and features are excellent. The patchbay allows for 144 points of external equipment. The build quality is excellent. The armrest is hand carved walnut. There is nothing else anything like the ASP8024-HE for the price. If you are looking for a large format, completely configurable console, you need to check this one out!" Read full review here.

Mix Interviews GameSoundCon's Brian Schmidt

"Over the years, Brian Schmidt has become something of an informal resource to Mix on all things having to do with videogame sound and music, interactive storytelling, and now Virtual and Augmented Reality. This year, in early October, Schmidt’s GameSoundCon, one of the world’s leading gatherings of technologists and artists involved in interactive audio, celebrates its 10th anniversary. We thought now would be a good time to check in with him on what more traditional film and TV audio post pros might need to know in entering the coming wave of VR experiences." See full interview here.

New for 2018: GameSoundCon & The Halp Network Present A Dedicated Track for Dialogue, Voice Over

Early-bird ticket pricing extended to September 14 Seattle, WA – GameSoundCon, the premier conference for video game music and sound design, is expanding its offering once again. This year, the company has partnered with The Halp Network, the experts in connecting quality talent with content creators, to create a multi-session track about Dialogue and Performance in video games. Designed for game voice over directors, voice over talent and actors, editors and game developers, the track highlights solutions for dialogue and performance in video games ranging from talent direction to technical pipelines to contracts and legal issues. “Game dialogue is a critical part of audio in games. The new

All you need is SPACES II - a review by Soundbytes Magazine

"Spaces II is a great candidate for being your one and only convolution reverb, offering up plenty of high quality instrument-dependent presets along with all the essential groups of convolution spaces." Read the full review here.

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