Pro Sound Effects Launches NUGEN Post Bundle Giveaway

Enter to win 11 must-have audio plug-ins for broadcast, film and game production BROOKLYN, NY - Pro Sound Effects® (PSE), the next level sound effects library company, has partnered with NUGEN Audio to launch the NUGEN Post Bundle Giveaway. Valued at over $2,000, the NUGEN Post Bundle delivers 11 must-have audio plug-ins that are crucial to delivering industry standard quality sound for broadcast, film and game production. With a wide range of audio tools that help ensure quality, compliance and creativity through every stage of the audio post production process, the NUGEN Post Bundle includes a comprehensive loudness solution, leading upmix and downmix tools, a complete audio analysis suite

PSN Announces GameSoundCon's 10th

"GameSoundCon ( will markits 10th anniversary this year as it returns to Los Angeles on Oct. 9and 10, 2018. The event will include more than 50 panels and educa- tional sessions, as well as speed mentoring. The event will once again offer Game Audio Essentials, Game Audio Pro, Audio for Virtual Reality and Wwise Special Training Sessions, and will introduce a new Academic track this year." See coverage here.

Gullfoss gets 5 Stars from

"Despite the relatively simple approach and the few adjustment options - Gullfoss does what it should and damn fast. In no time, errors in the signal are eliminated and at the same time pimped out, precisely because the processing is constantly being adapted. The few parameters convince in more than 90% of the cases, so that rarely one would have to intervene more deeply in the "secret process". If something is missing, that is done much faster with other plugins anyway. 5 Stars!" See review here.

GameSoundCon Announces Keynote Speaker Paul Lipson

Other speakers include “Fortnite” audio creators Zak Belica and Seth Weedin as well as music and technology icon Thomas Dolby Seattle, WA – This year’s attendees of GameSoundCon, the premier conference for video game music and sound design, are in for a treat: Paul Lipson, Senior Vice President at Formosa Interactive, will deliver the keynote titled mysteriously “A Hand In The Sun”.“I am planning something unexpected and special for this keynote,” says Lipson with a smile, “GameSoundCon in its 10th year - that’s big.” Lipson’s extensive creative management and content experience spans nearly two decades, and is credited on a broad range of leading titles such as the Halofranchise, God of War

Hypeddit Unveils Loud Links: The Future of Music Sharing

Distribute and promote your music on any web page link you share Brooklyn, New York -, a popular music promotion and fan acquisition platform, announces the launch of Loud Links.Loud Links are a new, patent pending technology that allows musicians to add their music to any link they share online, creating a new way to reach listeners and gain more plays, drive more traffic and grow a bigger fan base. The number one problem facing independent musicians, bands, producers, and record labels is mostly the same: getting more people to hear their music. Loud Link technology helps solve this problem in a new way. Creators can now add streamable music directly to web pages they want t ALK2 now EUR149

Plus: live looping contest to win a ROLI Seaboard Block & cool merch Berlin, Germany - announces that, starting today, the price of ALK2 is €149. "With the major performance and stability improvements added in the latest release of ALK2, we have decided we would like to target a wider audience, and with that we're dropping the price from €199 to €149", says founder Martin Percossi. This price change effectively lowers the price for US customers from US $230 to US $170. The first Live Looping Competition! presents their first contest. With a free 30 days trial of ALK2, anyone can enter, compose a song, perform it, film their performance and upload it t

Sonic Scoop Features South Korea Studio's Use of Audient ASP8024

Audio guy Studio in Seoul, South Korea is featured on Sonic Scoop along with their Audient ASO8024 console. "The other console that we have is an Audient 8024 Analog console, which we are currently using for mixing and mastering. Nowadays, we are focusing a lot on vinyl production. Many people assume that recording should be in analog for vinyl. We found out that we can get outstanding results when we use analog equipment during mixing and mastering throughout our experiences. Accurate and wide stereo image is certainly one of the advantages of digital consoles. However, this could make it hard to cut vinyl. Adding to that, we should avoid strong transient characteristics as it could be a pr

Pro Audio Files Video Review of Gullfoss

"Gullfoss, enabled by new patent-pending equalizer technology, processes audio with unrivaled sound quality. The equalizer is capable of changing its frequency response more than 100 times per second and without introducing audible artefacts or degrading signal quality. Together with the highly advanced computational auditory perception model that has been developed by Soundtheory, Gullfoss is the first and only product of its kind."

Produce Like A Pro's Warren Huart Video Review of Gullfoss

"What I like the most about this plugin is the fact that it’s very 21st century, it’s very forward thinking, and it’s not relying on old ideas! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got an SSL, Pultec’s, and old emulations, but I do like the idea of taking all the information that we’ve acquired over the last 80 years (or so) of recording music and apply it in a more forward thinking way. I can definitely see myself using the Gullfoss more and more to identify issues and solve them, and as I get used to these controls, I can see myself using them to mix quite effectively."

Pro Sound Effects Announces Sound Library Solutions For Japan

Custom Sound Library Solutions now available in Japan with Japanese Metadata BROOKLYN, NY - Pro Sound Effects® (PSE), the next level sound effects library company, has announced that, due to increasing demand from customers, its industry-leading general sound effects libraries are now available in Japanese. “Having access to a wide variety of high-quality and well-organized sound effects is essential for any studio or company creating professional media, and any sound library is only useful if you can find the sounds you need quickly,” says Jeremy Siegel, Licensing Manager at Pro Sound Effects. “With our meticulously-detailed, rich, embedded metadata now being available in Japanese, companie

Audient ARC: The Creative Hub Keeps On Giving

Audient offers a new selection of free creative software for all customers Hampshire, UK – Audient’s creative hub, ARC relaunches a year on, offering a new selection of free creative software for all Audient customers - new and existing. Audient has partnered with some of the industry’s leading innovators including Waldorf, Steinberg, Two Notes, Loopmasters, LANDR and Producertech to provide registered customers with software from each of them. “This year’s focus is more on creative tools,” explains marketing manager, Andy Allen. “We have made sure our customers will have enough creative tools to make some noise and annoy the neighbours.” By registering a product on the website, every Audien

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