Pro Sound Effects Releases Beautiful Bugs Library

Moody and textural insect recordings from film sound innovators Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet BROOKLYN, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, has released Beautiful Bugs- the fourth exclusive library from their partnership with renowned recordist and film sound pioneer, Ann Kroeber. Beautiful Bugs features an expressive collection of natural and designed insect sound effects including rhythmic cicada swells, dense locust drones, mosquito cries, isolated fly buzzes and more. Kroeber, along with her late partner Alan Splet, are celebrated for innovating the evocative use of sound effects in film. With decades of experience and material from countless projects as a r

EastWest Releases SPACES II

The Sequel to the Ultimate 24-bit True Stereo Convolution Reverb with New Spaces, Instrument Specific Reverbs and Enhanced Features Hollywood, CA – EastWest has released SPACES II, the highly-anticipated sequel to their best-selling SPACES I Convolution Reverb plug-in. Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, SPACES II includes all of the reverbs from SPACES Iplus hundreds more new reverbs recorded in churches, concert halls, opera houses, catacombs, train stations, recording studios, and warehouses. It boasts a new streamlined user interface, new control features, and a vastly expanded collection of instrument specific reverbs, making SPACES II the most powerful and versatile convolution r

GameSoundCon returns to Los Angeles for the 10th year this October

Save the date: October 9 and 10, 2018, in Los Angeles, CA Seattle, WA – GameSoundCon, the premier conference for video game music and sound design, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and once again welcomes video game composers and game sound designers to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, on October 9 and 10, 2018. “It’s hard to believe that GameSoundCon is a decade old!”, says Executive Director Brian Schmidt. “The conference has grown so much over the years and it has become one of the most important events in the industry. We are proud to provide a place for sound designers, composers, programmers, VO, Researchers and others working in game audio to network, grow an

Sound Bytes Reviews EastWest Hollywood Choirs

"Covering such a wide range of choir options, it can easily become the one and only choir you will ever need. And not just because you can add your own lyrics. This is a nice solution, but the main advantage is how easy it is to use. That, and being ultra versatile, covering a very wide choir that needs to be perfectly playable at the same time. Both sections, Women and Men, are well balanced and clear sounding, obviously being perfectly recorded and inserted into place no matter if you go for a tender or epic arrangement.It seems that Hollywood Choirs took some of the best achievements from many other choir libraries and built an all-round monster that can serve all our choir tasks." See re

ALS2 Reviewed in C'T Magazine

German music tech magazine reviews the new zenAudio ALK2 Live Looping Sequencer software. See review here.

Professional Audio Reviews ALK2

German music production magazine reviews zenAudio's new ALK2 Live Looping Sequencer in the July issue. See review here.

Nashville: A Songwriter's Paradise?

Nashville, TN - Bright, young singer/songwriter and Audient ASP4816 console owner, Lizzy McAvoy takes us around the city that she’s made her home, and give us a glimpse of what it means to her. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to live in Nashville, Tennessee for close to eleven years. I moved here when I was sixteen years old, a bright-eyed dreamer. I remember my first trip to Nashville, I was eleven years old. I was writing a few songs and singing back in my hometown of Newark, Ohio. My parents heard of a place called “Music City”. When Spring Break rolled around, we packed up our car and drove six hours south. Looking back on that first trip, I don’t think my parents were expecting this ci

Beat Magazine Reviews ALK 2 Loop Sequencer

" ALK2 is an extremely easy-to-use looper station that overrides typical limitations, adds sequencer benefits and brings innovative automation capabilities to the table. After only a short training period, ALK2 has become the standard looper for the creation of complete songs or the creation of quick sketches." (Translated) See full review here.

Music Tech Reviews Gullfoss Intelligent EQ

"As we've said, it's hard to know what voodoo is going on under the hood with Gullfoss, but ultimately, the results speak for themselves.It gives recordings and mixes a smooth and airy quality that would be impossible to achieve with a traditional EQ." Read full review here.

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