InTune Features The Martin Archives

"Since its 1833 founding, C. F. Martin & Co. has built more than two million acoustic guitars. THE MARTIN ARCHIVES, by Jim Washburn with Dick Boak, takes a look through the company vaults. Images and documents unseen for generations offer insight into Martin's instruments, the people who made them, and the people who've played them." See coverage here.

Mix Announces Cloudlifter Zi

The April issue of Mix includes the announcement of Cloud's new Cloudlifter Zi DI and Mic Activator. "The Cloudlifter Zi ($499) is targeted for use on electric guitars, basses, low-output piezo pickups used with acoustic guitars, or vin- tage electro-mechanical stage pianos employing a passive output. Tone-shaping features include variable input impedance from 150 ohms to 15k ohms, letting you load the Cinemag instrument trans- former inside the Cloudlifter Zi to create a range of tonal variations. Also onboard is a three-position variable gain switch and variable highpass filtering that works in tandem with the variable imped- ance.. The high-pass filter has a slope of 6dB per octave." See

Resolution Review Bock 507

UK pro audio magazine Resolution reviews the Bock 507 Microphone in the March/April issue. "The 5ZERO7 is positioned squarely as a high end vocal mic — and it certainly delivers in this respect — but that’s not the extent of its talents. If the brief outing I gave it on acoustic guitar is anything to go by, I’m hoping it doesn’t have to go back straight away. And it’s when a microphone has that effect on you, when it gives you that sense of delightful anticipation in trying it on everything and everybody, that you know that the ingredients, the recipe and the chef have moved into Michelin star territory. The term “modern classic’ is perhaps over-used, but in this case more than deserved." Se

Hal Leonard Releases The Josh Bess Webinar Series

How to start, proceed and complete music projects in your home studio Now available on Montclair, NJ – Hal Leonard proudly announces the Josh Bess Webinar Series at, featuring a collection of live-recorded webinars that cover various music production topics with expert and Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Bess. In this series, Josh takes you into his home studio in Tokyo, Japan, and invites you to watch his video streaming webinar series. Each tutorial includes a recording of a live-streamed video lesson including a Q&A session with the participants. This is a new form of instruction as viewers participate with questions that Josh answers within the session, so each web

Performer Magazine Review Elixir OPTIWEB Strings

The April issue of Performer Magazine features a full review of Elixir Strings new OPTIWEB coated string. "The new Elixir Optiweb Coated Electric Guitar Strings are basically our new favorite strings. Find out why below…" Read the full review here.

Mastodon Producer Shares His Guitar Tips

Atlanta, GA – Matt Washburn has run LedBelly Sound studios in Atlanta for so long and clocked up so many clients, that it takes ages to scroll down the full list on his website. His clients are an eclectic mix of all genres, and for the last 15 years all of them have been recorded with his Audient ASP8024 analogue console - without which, he says he’d be lost. The LedBelly Sound studio website says, "Anyone can own ProTools, but it takes years of experience to develop how and what you hear. Since 1983, hearing back for the first time what I had just recorded, I’ve been obsessed with capturing sound as purely, accurately and creatively as possible,” - a great quote, we thought. So we asked Ma

GameSoundCon 2017 Call for Speakers!

Leading game audio conference seeks music and audio experts for panels and presentations. Submissions are open through May 22. Seattle, WA – GameSoundCon, the premier conference for video game music and sound design, is lining up speakers for GameSoundCon 2017 on November 7 and 8 in Los Angeles, CA. As in previous years, GameSoundCon welcomes experts in their field to share their knowledge and expertise, and network with the attendees of the conference. Being a speaker is a great way to raise one’s professional profile in the game sound industry as GameSoundCon is considered a gathering of the elite when it comes to Video Game Music and Sound Design. Speaking here is not only good career exp

Electronic Musician Reviews ROLI BLOCKS

Geary Yelton reviews ROLI BLOCKS and software for Electronic Musician Magazine: "Developing Blocks is a stunning achievement, if only because it so radically brings down the price of admission to the world of polyphonic multidimensional controllers. When you consider that a single Lightpad Block is a versatile, 25-note, MPE-compatible controller for less than one-quarter the cost of a 25-note Seaboard Rise, perhaps you’ll appreciate just what Roli has achieved." See full review here.

Mark Mangini and Richard Anderson Join the Pro Sound Effects Library

Academy Award-winning sound editors to release exclusive world-class sound libraries Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today announced their exclusive collaboration with two award-winning audio post production veterans, Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. The multiple sound effects libraries currently in development include around 100,000 sounds from Mangini and Anderson's private collection of recordings encompassing over 30 years of feature film sound. "Mark, Richard and Pro Sound Effects are fully aligned in delivering world-class quality and supporting the use of sound as a powerful communications tool," said Douglas Price, President of Pr

Just Blaze Interviewed on Gaming Site Glixel

Before he was Just Blaze, Justin Smith was a huge video game fan – he even programmed his own game in high school. Music Marcom set up and interview with the artist on Glixel, the gaming site of Rolling Stone, where his Universal Audio Apollo Sessions video is prominently featured. Read the interview here.

Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado

New online video course provides one-on-one tutorials with the master mixer - now exclusively available at Montclair, NJ - Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado was created for both the enthusiast recording in their bedroom and the audio professional already working in a studio. Whether interested in vocals recording techniques, microphones placement, or fixing and mixing vocals, Dave provides easy-to-follow instructions in 34 video tutorials organized in 8 chapters, allowing the viewer to pick a specific topic or follow the course chronologically. Capturing vocals well is one of the most challenging tasks in the recording process. "I've noticed over the course of my career that th

Musico Pro Reviews Roli Blocks/Noise

The April issue of Spanish language music magazine Musico Pro features an in-depth review of ROLI BLOCKS controllers and NOISE synth. See full review here.

Pasadena Independent Reviews Fender Customer Shop Book

Master Built, a new Hal Leonard title about the Fender Custom Shop at 30 years old is reviewed in the Pasadena Independent newspaper. "My friends over at Music Marcom are truly wonderful, funny and creative marketing communicators who do things right and know a heck of a lot about music.However, what they didn’t perhaps know this time is that that they really piqued my interest trying to plug a new book about Fender Custom Shop which features “72 Centerfolds.” Nice, this warped mind thought!" Read the full review here.

Livestream Interview with Steve Gordon

Attorney Steve Gordon, author of "The 11 Contracts Every Artist, Songwriter, and Music Producer Should Know" was interviewed on Conncted's lifestream on his new Hal Leonard book. Watch the replay here.

Pro Sound Effects Launches "Upgrade Your Sound Design Rig" Giveaway

Prize offering includes top audio post production tools in four prize bundles totaling over $15,000 Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, has launched the Upgrade Your Sound Design Rig Giveaway! Featuring four prize bundles totaling $15,000+ in audio tools, this collection of industry-leading software, hardware, and studio accessories is designed to speed up your workflow and upgrade your toolset so you can deliver amazing sound to clients on state-of-the-art gear. Avid Pro Tools HD, iZotope RX Post Production Suite, Nugen Audio Halo Upmix, and BaseHead Ultra are among the prize offering of popular audio software tools used to boost the quality of w

The 11 Contracts That Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know

by Steve Gordon, entertainment lawyer and author of The Future of The Music Business MONTCLAIR, N.J. - Steve Gordon is an entertainment attorney specializing in music, television, film and video, and has assisted countless artists to navigate the legal aspects of the music business. His new book, The 11 Contracts, is an in-depth guide that will help any songwriter or producer understand binding agreements and help them negotiate favorable deals. This no-nonsense book follows a refreshingly simple format: Gordon presents a sample agreement and then breaks down the nuances of both the legal and business sides of the arrangement. Subjects covered include: Management Agreements Production Compan

PSN "A View From The Top" with Bock Audio

This month's A View From The Top feature in Pro Sound News is an interview we set up with Bock Audio owner David Bock: Having recorded his first session “in a real studio” as a high school guitarist, a young David Bock hit the ground running in the pro audio business. “Multitrack recording and its gear was something I had been interested in since discovering that the Beatles didn’t have to go to the radio station and play every time their songs aired,” jests Bock in recollection. “When I got to college, I lucked out and got a gig recording all kinds of music events live to two-track—and for money no less! My multitrack start was at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco in the mid-80s, where I

InTune Monthly Covers Massy & Owsinski Books

Music education magazine InTune Monthly covers engineer Sylvia Massy's artistic coloring book and Bobby Owinski's Mix Engineer's Handbook in the latest issue: "Although she's best known as a music producer; with more than 25 gold and platinum records to her credit, Sylvia Massy is also an illustrator. Her AUDIO ICONS UNHINGED COLORING BOOK, co-written with Chris Johnson, features fanciful drawings (for readers to color as they choose) of other noted producers and engineers, along with text explaining their importance." See coverage here.

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