Post Perspective Posts Korey Pereira Interview

Post Perspective, a leading site on audio post-production, has published an interview of sound editor/mixer Korey Pereira by Pro Sound Effects' Andrew Emge. "As the technologies for VR and 360 video rapidly advance and become more accessible, media creators are realizing the crucial role that sound plays in achieving realism. Sound designers are exploring this new frontier of 3D audio at the same time that tools for the medium are being developed and introduced. When everything is so new and constantly evolving, how does one learn where to start or decide where to invest time and experimentation? To better understand this process, I spoke with Korey Pereira, a sound editor and mixer based in

DJ Tech Tools Reviews ROLI BLOCKS

Markkus Rovito reviews ROLI BLOCKS, NOISE, and Dashboard software for DJ Tech Tools: "With the Blocks Dashboard beta software, the Roli Blocks move beyond being a technologically impressive controller with limited applications to working with some of the most popular DAWs and soft synths for electronic music. While they’re not up to full speed yet, as Blocks Dashboard develops and third-party support for the MPE MIDI standard grows, the Blocks will only get better." Read full review here.

Recording NAMM Roundup: Cloud & Soundelux

The March issue of Recording Magazine features a NAMM roundup that includes the new Cloudlifter Zi and the Soundelux U99, which were exhibited at the show. See Cloud coverage here. See Soundelux Coverage here.

Classical New York Studio Chooses Audient ASP4816

New York City - Barely a year after opening, Skillman Music studios has racked up an impressive client list, including celebrated concert pianist, Lang Lang, as well as various members of the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. A small format ASP8416 analogue mixing console was the perfect fit for this urban, high-end professional studio space, located just a stone’s throw from New York City’s Union Square. “It suited my budget and the review was great,” explains Wei Wang, Skillman Music studio owner, very pleased with his choice. “I've never heard a console this quiet - it's so transparent!” He continues, “For me, it’s all about transparency. We use a lots of omni-direct

Pro Sound Effects Releases Cinematic Winds Sound Library

Experience powerful wind recordings from film sound legends Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet Brooklyn, NY (March 28, 2017) - Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released its latest library, Cinematic Winds. Featuring over 3 hours of emotive, moody wind sound effects, Cinematic Winds is a special collection recorded and designed by film sound legends Ann Kroeber and the late Alan Splet. Well known for their collaboration with David Lynch, Kroeber and Splet's unique sound design can be heard in dozens of films spanning multiple decades from countless renowned directors. Throughout their careers, Kroeber and Splet created an extensive (and still growing) private arch

American Songwriter Reviews Elixir OPTIWEB Strings

"Professional guitarists frequently insist on non-coated strings because any sort of coating on a string can dampen its sound, robbing the guitar of its brilliant highs and change its tone–almost always for the worse. Now, if a guitar tech is changing your strings before every show, there’s nothing better than playing with new, uncoated strings, but that’s not most of us. Most guitarists are buying and changing their own strings and would welcome a coated string that feels good, tunes up reliably and sounds good for an extended period of time. Elixir’s ultra-thin coated OPTIWEB coated guitar strings claim to do exactly that." Read full review here.

Cloud Microphones Spring “Z-quinox” Sale

Cloudlifter Z Vari-Z Mic Activator Now $249 Through April 30 Tucson, AZ – Spring is officially here and Cloud Microphones invites musicians, recording engineers and live sound technicians to save $50 on the Cloudlifter CL-Z during their Spring “Z-quinox” sale and unleash the performance and potential of your microphone and preamp. Designed to be a middleman between your microphone and preamp, the CL-Z provides up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain, variable input impedance and a variable high-pass filter. What is Variable Input Impedance Loading? Since microphones sound different depending on the impedance value of the preamp with which they’re being used, the CL-Z’s input impedance control lets y

SoundWorks Interviews Frank Wolf on Beauty and the Beast

Music Marcom set up an interview with Sound Works Collection and Scoring Mixer Frank Wolf, who worked on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast directed by Bill Condon. Frank talks about his extensive use of UAD plug-ins starting at about the 31 minute mark: Listen to full interview here.

Pro Tools Expert Features Korey Pereira on Pro Sound Effects

Pro Tools Expert posts interview with VR sound designer Korey Pereira: "As the technologies for VR and 360 video rapidly advance and become more accessible, media creators are realising the crucial role that sound plays in achieving realism. Sound designers are exploring this new frontier of 3D audio at the same time that tools for the medium are being developed and introduced. When everything is so new and constantly evolving, how does one learn where to start or decide where to invest time and experimentation? To better understand this process, Andrew from Pro Sound Effects caught up with Korey Pereira who is a sound editor and mixer based in Austin, Texas - who has started to work and dev

Magix Announces New Free Version of Music Maker

A popular tool for musicians for over 20 years, Music Maker is now available for free for the first time. Berlin, March 21, 2017 - MAGIX proudly announces the latest version of Music Maker. Having provided the ideal creative workspace for digital music creation on the PC platform for over 20 years, this new version of Music Maker is now absolutely free for everyone. Perfect for the musician just getting started as well as the professional musician, Music Maker provides all the tools needed to record, produce, and share your music. MAGIX makes this fully-functional version completely free and ready for download at Record. Produce. Share. Based on a modular design and an intuitive w

Soundelux USA U195 Reviewed in Sound On Sound

The new Soudelux USA U195 condenser microphone is reviewed in the March issue of Sound on Sound Magazine: "Overall then the mic lives up to its ‘all-rounder’ remit and delivers quality results in all cases. The usual caveat applies when buying a mic for your own voice (try many and see what sounds right for you), but as a general-purpose studio mic the U195 has a lot going for it. There are many competitors vying for your cash around this price, but don’t let that put you off adding the U195 to your shortlist." See full review here.

Behind the Subtle, Powerful Sound of Oscar Winner The Salesman

Pro Sound Effects interviews the sound team behind Best Foreign Film Oscar winner BROOKLYN, NY - Much like the atmosphere surrounding its success, The Salesman is an emotional film steeped in sobering realism. In an exclusive interview with Pro Sound Effects, the next level sound effects library company, sound designer Mohammad Reza Delpak and sound editor/mixer Reza Narimizadeh offer an in-studio look at their approach for establishing the anxious, chaotic themes in the film's opening scene. Iranian director Asghar Farhadi made headlines when his film The Salesman won the 2017 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but not simply for winning the award twice since 2012. Farhadi chose

String Instrument Setups: 10 Setups That Will Make Your Instrument Louder, Better, And Easier To Pla

Master luthier Charlie Traeger passed away in 2016 - his final book is a parting gift for string musicians worldwide MONTCLAIR, N.J. - All string instruments share a common denominator: everything is vibrating. This is the maxim at the root of master luthier Charles Traeger's lifetime of learning. Traeger, a double bassist in the Big Band era, who performed alongside the who's who of NY jazz musicians, like of Louie Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, realized, "When a string instrument is being played, everything is vibrating, from the top of the scroll to the tip of the endpin." The Traeger Principal says that all elements of the bass vibrate and thus play a role, however large or small, in the s

Ehrlund Microphones Taps Momentum Audio Sales For US Distribution

Unique & innovative microphone line adds to distribution firm’s professional audio offering Ventura, California – Momentum Audio Sales has added Swedish Microphone Manufacturer Ehrlund to their line of MI/Pro Audio products for exclusive distribution in the US market. Ehrlund joins British audio manufacturer Audient, synthesizer makers Modal Electronics and Analogue Solutions, and German loudspeaker manufacturer EVE Audio under Momentum’s US distribution umbrella. Based on over 30 years of sound and recording research and development, Ehrlund Microphones are best known for their innovative and groundbreaking triangular membrane capsule that reduces self-resonance and captures an extremely wi

Harmony Central Reviews ROLI BLOCKS

Matthew Mann takes ROLI BLOCKS for a test drive for Harmony Central: "So what’s the bottom line here? Well, BLOCKS are fun. The Noise app sounds good and is also fun. The whole package is expandable so you can start small and grow as your needs develop. They’re portable. You can take them anywhere and play, perform, create. They’re expandable. With sounds packs by folks like RZA and Steve Aoki, BLOCKS and Noise will grow and grow. They’re cool. People will be asking you what the heck those things are." See review here.

Cloud, Soundelux in Mix NAMM Report

The March issue of Mix Magazine features a roundup of new products from NAMM 2017. Featured are the CloudLifter Zi and the Soundelux U99. See coverage here.

Elvis Costello Chooses Cloud 44-A Ribbon Mic for Solo Tour

Front-of-house engineer Fernando Alvarez details why the 44-A is ideal for the iconic singer-songwriter’s live performances Tucson, AZ — On his recent Detour solo tour, Elvis Costello accompanied himself on guitar as he sang his trove of hits. For a segment in which he performed inside a set designed to look like a life-size vintage television screen, he needed a microphone that not only offered excellent reproduction of his unmistakable voice, but that would complement visual look and feel of the era. Costello and his engineer Fern Alvarez, who has run front-of-house sound for the Dixie Chicks, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Katy Perry, and many other stars, chose the Cloud Microphones 44-A Acti

ROLI Releases Beta Version of BLOCKS Dashboard

Enables BLOCKS to control Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and other music production software London — ROLI today releases a beta version of BLOCKS Dashboard, an application that will extend the power of BLOCKS as a customizable music creation system by enabling control of software programs including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, GarageBand, Omnisphere, and Kontakt. The BLOCKS Dashboard beta is free and available for all BLOCKS music-makers to download via their My ROLI accounts. ROLI is delighted to work together with the fast-growing BLOCKS community on this open beta release, adding features that improve the workflow of BLOCKS creators. Community feedback will help guide ROLI’s ongoing development of

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