Swedish Music Site Reviews Ozone 7

Studio, a leading music productionmagazine and website based in Sweden has posted a review of iZotope's Ozone 7 Advanced Mastering Software.

Summary (translated):

"If you do not already have plugs for mastering, the Ozone 7 Advanced is a very good buy. It is a complete solution to put it bluntly. The product has had a price decrease by several thousand since the previous version and is for those who like a warmer, classical, sound already vintage - master plugs like T - Racks or similar. For those of you who are using any version of Ozone, an upgrade virtually self-evident. Several new effects and essential improvements to the existing speaks to that. Ozone 7 Advanced is resource intensive and not nice to your computer's processors. Test the free version at home to check if your equipment can handle the pressure before charging up the credit card."

See the full review here.

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