The Audio Spotlight Reviews Ozone 6

The Audio Spotlight founder Zdravko Djordjevic takes an indepth look at iZotope's Oxone 6 Advanced version. Here are some highlights:

"Ozone 6 offers a lot of bang for the buck. You get few different effects that can be used independently (advanced version) or as an Ozone bundle. By that I mean that even if you buy full bundle you have the option to load each individual effect separately or you can use the full VST. In addition to that, you can, for the first time use Ozone 6 as a standalone app which is I am sure a great news for every mastering engineer."

"Both versions offer everything you will need to mix and master sound… well… not everything. Skills are not included but everything else is. With both versions you get Equalizer, Exciter, Imager, Dynamics and Maximizer. In advanced version you also get the new Dynamic EQ which as iZotope states lives and breathes with your music."

"The design of the graphical interface of Ozone 6 is very clean. It is designed to make you want to feel that you have been here before and that even if there are many options to tweak, you shouldn’t be afraid because it will guide you to the very end. In short I find it beautiful."

"Ozone 6 truly is a fantastic tool that looks great and feels right. It is easy to work with but it comes at a price if you want to use every module it has to offer."

See full review online here.


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