Sound & Picture Reviews Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library

Leading post-production magazine Sound & Picture has posted an in-depth review of Pro Sound Effects' Hybrid Library for freelance sound designers on their website. After a lengthy test, reviewer George Peters comes to this conclusion:

"For many years, the standard bearer for sound effect libraries has been the Sound Ideas 6000 series and the Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition series. They’re great general effects libraries that most, if not all medium to large studios have on hand. But for a lone freelancer working out of his own one-man studio, they’re out of reach, financially. Let’s compare them to the Hybrid Library:

Complete Hollywood Edge Collection: 68,200 effects – $12,000 Sound Ideas Series 6000 Combo: 20,600 effects – $1,995 Hybrid Library Plus Extensions: 60,763 effects – $2,500

Factor in the age of the 6000 Series and much of the Hollywood Edge collections, how often they’ve been used throughout the industry, and the fact that the highest quality for the majority of their effects is 16 bit/48K, there should be no doubt that the Hybrid Library – with its obscenely low price, large variety of fresh, high-quality effects, and the continual user support after purchase – is absolutely worth every hard-earned dollar it costs to a freelancer."

Read the full review here.


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