BEAT Magazine reviews BreakTweaker, covers Alloy 2 & Insight

The October issue of German music magazine BEAT features a plethora of iZotope coverage. A full review of BreakTweaker, iZotope's collaboration with BT, is summarized as:

"Although BreakTweaker shines foremost in the EDM and Dubstep genres, its strengths also benefit other genres. The highly productive combination of a sample player and a surprisingly versatile wavetable synthesizer, a powerful iso-rhythmic sequencer and innovative micro-edit functions make the plug-in highly creative and fun to use. In light of these strong capabilities, the cons are negligible, especially since the results sound so stunning. Sound designers and musicians alike will appreciate the intuitive access to sound creation on an 'atomic' level."

Further coverage of Alloy 2 and Insight as well as participation in the magazine's consumer promotion can be found here.


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