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German online technology magazine has awarded iZotope and BT's BreakTweaker their "Redaktionstipp", or Editor's Recommendation following a recent review.

"If you're into electronic club music and stutter effects, you'll love BreakTweaker! Sound designers will also very much get their money's worth. Working with BreakTweaker is extremely easy, and before you know it, you'll be deeply into micro-editing. The sound quality is outstanding throughout. Whether you rely on the included library, listen through the effects and filters or if you twist your own sounds, the tone is simply convincing! I strongly recommend BreakTweaker to electronic music producers - you need to try out the demo as soon as possible. The same goes for sound designers who are looking for new sounds, because those are plenty in BreakTweaker. Fans of acoustic or so-called 'real' music will probably not share my enthusiasm as BreakTweaker is simply an Electro-Bomb!" (Translated from German)

Read the full review here.


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