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Musico Pro Magazine Reviews BreakTweaker

Spanish language magazine Musico Pro tests iZotope's BreakTweaker, the company's second collaboration with music producer, composer, and technologist BT. Musico Pro contributor Carlos Martin sums up his findings below (translated from Spanish).

"BreakTweaker is excellent for electronic music composition (in particular Dubstep and EDM, because of the polyrhythms) and Laptop DJs, although you need to know how to use sequencers to run it (many know Ableton Live). It is easy and intuitive to use with endless potential. BreakTweaker makes sound design easy because of the samples, presets and libraries that are included in the standard version (even more in the expansion packs). It's not cheap, but worth the price. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show BreakTweaker at work. If you want to try it, a fully-functional demo is available for 10 days on the company website."


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