Musico Pro Reviews Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter

Spanish-language magazine Musico Pro takes a look at Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter by EASTWEST in the June issue. Below is a translation of their conclusion.

"After having tested EASTWEST’s Stormdrum 3 a couple of months ago, I had some idea of what to expect of a virtual instrument, and my expectations were high. But the two products are different since a percussion library is made to be the foundation for any style of music, while the wide range of instruments and sounds presented in Ghostwriter is useful to add additional texture to the music.

Ghostwriter is great for a specific market and user. At first glance, this instrument doesn’t have the same immediate impact as STORMDRUM 3. Sonically, it is better than any product by the competition. The instrument was recorded at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, one of the best recording studios in the world, by the best production team. However, the included presets are simply a starting point for those who work on sound design. In that respect, Ghostwriter proves to be an especially creative and special tool. While Ghostwriter is not the right tool for the user who does not want to invest time in designing sounds, it is highly recommended for composers and music producers who have some sound design experience and want to add unique sounds and textures to their production arsenal. Ghostwriter is also recommended for film composers as the instruments, sounds and textures are not available in any other library, especially when it comes to guitars and keyboards.

If Ghostwriter doesn’t catch your eye at first glance, give it a chance. When you are ready to go deeper, you can use the presets as a starting point and use the powerful tools included in Ghostwriter to create textures and environments that are out of this world - sounds that would take many plug-ins to create if you were working with other virtual instruments."

Read The Full Spanish Review Here.

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