BreakTweaker Reviewed in French Drum Magazine

French drum magazine Batterie looks at iZotope's BreakTweaker. Here is a translated excerpt:

"Following their fruitful cooperation with composer and DJ Brian Transeau, aka BT, iZotope delivers a plug-in of rare originality that takes the classic function of a rhythm box, based on the double sound architecture of synthesis and sampling that offers us especially large and luminous creative perspectives. BreakTweaker has a totally innovative micro-editing that allows complete control of sound formes at a granular level and that has editing functions of an astonishing simplicity to create effects of a unique musicality that would otherwise take long and tedious programming. In addition, the interface is clear, easy to use, and it contains a library of punchy and very eclectic sounds and sequences. We can shout, without hesitation, in all tempi: A new era of patterns has arrived!"

Read Full French Review Here.

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