Dutch Magazine on Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter: "a huge source of inspiration."

Ductch magazine Interface recetnly completed a full review of Seteve Wilson's Ghostwriter by EASTWEST. While the original review is in Dutch (read it here), below are some translated highlights:

Dirty, Warped and Fuzzy

My God, those basses are fat. When I heard the Spector Bass Deep Grunge and Obliterator Bass Fuzz Monster I almost fell off my chair, so nasty, so deep. Like the bass, the guitars also have a unique character. The grunts and rattling are a delight. Everything has a dirty edge, a certain vivacity that'll make you hear the musician behind the samples. This also applies to the drums. Of course, Ghostwriter contains processed drum sounds, with huge rumble and other tasteful effects. But the dry drum set with a wonderful dynamic sound contains the necessary imperfections making it sound like a real drummer.


For producers of film music, Ghostwriter can be a huge source of inspiration. And musicians with a preference for the more obscure can indulge themselves with this library. Writers of nice, airy songs, however, will see their good mood disappear like snow in the sun after fifteen minutes on the Evil Piano. The dark side of Ghostwriter will not appeal to everyone. I think the sheer depth and uniqueness of the sounds enrich what is currently on offer when it comes to virtual instruments. Ghostwriter sounds great and very distinctive.

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