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"This is going to change the way I mix" - Busy Works Beats about Immerse Virtual Studio

We asked Busy Works Beats to check out the new Immerse Virtual Studio by Embody, and he produced a most excellent video really digging into this new plugin that transports you and your mixes into the heart of world-class studios. Busy says: "Wow! I can say with complete honesty: I was mixing in these headphones, and then I went to my studio speakers which are really good, and it sounded crystal-clear. Well defined, not too much bass, not too much high-end, very accurate. I'm actually highly surprised because that was the ultimate test - taking the headphones off and listening over the speakers. This is going to change the way I mix. Not that it's going to replace thousands and thousands dollars worth of equipment. It does do that in a way. But it's creating a perspective that I would never have if I weren't in those specific rooms... I am thoroughly impressed."


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