Kfir Ochaion plays Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb - on a HyVibe Smart Guitar

This is insanely beautiful and it showcases how the HyVibe Smart Guitar takes care of reverb, effects and everything else. No cables, nothing else needed, just the guitar and the built-in HyVibe system. Kfir says "Yes, everything you hear in this video was produced in the guitar itself! The guitar I'm playing is the Smart guitar by Lag with the amazing HyVibe unique speakerless audio. It has a built in Looper, effects and more - It's really cool! It's not connected to any external processor or external speaker - What you hear in this video is what you actually hear in real time. It's so cool to take this guitar wherever you want and have the ability to get Reverb, Chorus, Looper and many more without being dependent on external systems."

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