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UAD plugins used for new game Hyperbrawl

We facilitated this excellent and informative interview with legendary producer Steve Levine on Level with Emily Reese. Steve highlights his use of UAD plugins for this particular game with an 80s sound:

"I will give a massive plug to something that I love: In the UAD synthesizer collection, they have the Moog filter. Now, that is better than any Moog filter that I've actually used in hardware because you can automate the filter in such a precise way that I was able to create some very, very nice dynmaic sonic moves by writing in the fader moves for either the fitler or resonance or any particular parameter. Normally it's filter or resonance sometimes it's distortion but generally speaking you can create really lovely colors... That's something I used a lot. I really enjoyed using that. Across the sound spectrum, many of the plugins were really satisfying. Again, [for the game sound] because they wanted some of that sort of that 80s flavor: Originally, in the 80s, if I was using, say, an Oberheim synth, I would almost certainly use the Roland Dimension D as the stereo chorus on it. Now, that's available in a plugin, so that worked really well.

I've got physical tape delays, for example, and they work really well, but for the precision in the game, you need to have the tempo locked, the delay locked and even the feedback of the delay locked to the tempo. That's something that's very hard to do with a physical piece of hardware, it's so much easier with a plugin, and sonically, it really does sound very, very good."

About his masterclasses at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts: "Having a piece of hardware and a piece of software is really, really great. For example, I can set something up on a DBX limiter - hardware - and I can set the same thing up in the UAD. It looks the same on the screen, it kind of behaves almost identically, and that gives them [his students] an understanding of compression in a way - obviously I would have loved that in my day - but it gives them a great grasp of what it's actually doing. More importantly, they need to learn about the gain structure."

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