Pro Sound Effects Releases The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects

Available Now - Exclusive library of everyday sounds from two Academy Award®-winners.

BROOKLYN, NY (AUGUST 13, 2019): Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects – the newest exclusive sound library from their partnership with Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road) and Richard L. Anderson (Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands).

Odyssey Foley Effects provides clean, natural recordings of everyday actions for seamless integration into your projects. With over 4,500 sounds, this collection features a huge variety of props, footsteps, surfaces, and variations of each sound so that you’re covered for all types of character movement.

“Foley” is the act of recording sound effects performed in-sync to picture, often on a Foley stage using various props. These are the generic sounds of common items a character might interact with in a scene, or not captured during filming, such as footsteps, newspaper rustle or a teacup rattle. In the case of this library, these Foley-like sounds were recorded by Mangini and Anderson to fill out temporary mixes while creating the sound for hundreds of major feature films and TV shows.

“Much of what constitutes this library are wild sounds that Richard and I recorded because we didn’t have Foley yet,” says Mark Mangini. “We would usually perform our ‘pre-Foley’ sound effects in acoustic spaces like rooms, halls, or wherever would make them sound most natural and useful in perpetuity across different projects. I wish a library like this was available when we started!”

Odyssey Foley Effects is the latest individually available library curated from The Odyssey Collection: Complete – which features the complete private library of Mangini and Anderson built throughout their careers in sound for film.


  • 4,592 Broadcast .wav Files: 18GB delivered via download

  • 100% Royalty-Free license for use in any project

  • Flexible Access: Download, online, or on your server

  • Total Length: 30 hours, 45 minutes, 42 seconds

  • Average Recording Length: 24 seconds

  • Rich Metadata: Optimized for fast, pinpoint search

  • View Full Sound List: PDF | XLSX


  • 1-User Perpetual License: $395

  • Multi-User License: Starting at $670

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