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Mix Reviews Soundelux USA U99

Brandon T. Hickey takes the new Soundelux USA U99 for a test drive for Mix Magazine:

"Altogether, this microphone is the ulti- mate studio workhorse. It always produces a great-sounding recording and never gets subbed out once it goes up. It’s obviously a lot more a ordable than a vintage U67, and won’t give you that same fear or apprehen- sion when it comes out of the locker. With all of its settings, it also provides a much wider range of sounds than a U87, while coming in at a lower price tag. If you’re looking for a agship mic to build your locker around, this should certainly make your top ve. If it’s time to retire one of your Neumann clas- sics and you’re eyeing a young rookie for the future, this kid’s a rst-rounder for sure."

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