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Decibel Magazine: Bob Rock on Metallica (and UAD gear)

Music Marcom's own Martina McConnon facilitated an interview with legendary rock/metal producer Bob Rock with Decibel Magazine for our client Universal Audio.

"Personally, I love digital. The transience is maintained. I don’t have to EQ as much. The whole argument to analog and digital. There’s a sound to analog. To me, it’s a plug-in now, a UA (Universal Audio) plug-in. I don’t have to fight it. I make warm records now. My records are big and fat. And digital."

"What are some of your go-to plug-ins? I gather you’re into UA’s product."

"Bob Rock: Ninety percent of what I use is UA, yes. I can tell you that my list of plug-ins is basically a list of what we just discussed. It’s funny, I got an original EMT 250 and when the plug-in came out, I wanted to throw it across the room. The EMT 250 UA plug-in has no-hiss, it doesn’t break down. The EMT 140 is beautiful. Same with the BX 20, which is hard to find. Never found a great one, now I have a great one in the UA plug-in. For the EQ, I can have 90 1081s. I’m a lucky guy. [Laughs] I have some original Tridents, the Ken Scott stuff. I use the Trident UA plug-ins on everything. Same with the Eventide harmonizer, the 910s. Now, I have one that doesn’t crackle or buzz or distort. It’s got all the qualities of the 910, but it’s clean. I’m a huge fan of UA."

Read the entire interview here.

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