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Music Tech Interviews Jason Schweitzer for UAD

Music Marcom set up an exclusive interview for Music Tech with producer Jason Schweitzer (Dr. Dre, Meghan Trainor, Snoop Dog, John Legend, etc) for our client Universal Audio.

I feel that UA has made this process fun because you can say ‘I want to sound like an SSL’ and they have something that sounds like an SSL. All of my mixing when I first started was on SSLs – my first mixes were on 4000s – so I’m intimately familiar with the SSL sound. UA’s SSL 4000 E really does sound like an SSL and it’s my favourite emulation. I firmly believe I could do a whole mix minus vocals just using that plug-in! It sounds incredible and it’s close enough that it makes you smile when you put it on. There’s this nasally grittiness that gets me right in my sinuses when you’re on an SSL and the plug-in gives me that feeling. You start hitting the compressor and start turning some low end up and you get that crunch that SSL has.”


“I do use the Neve stuff too,” he continues. “It’s a different colour, but the cool thing with the UA stuff is that when I use the Neve 1073, 1081 or 33609 it gives you that Neve feel. You can overdrive the 1073 plug-in and distort the preamp – just as you can do with the actual piece of gear – and it sounds amazing. Plug-ins like that offer different colour palettes to work with and offer that vibe – they let me mix how I learned how to mix which was on a console.”

“My most used plug-ins are the UA LA2 and the LA2A silver. I use the Neve ones and both EMT reverbs on every single mix and I also love the 1176AE. The Ampex ATR-102 sounds fantastic for tape emulation. I don’t think there is anything else on the market that beats it.”

Read full interview here.

Photo: David Gunning


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