Cloudlifter Zi Reviewed in Making Music

From website:

"Once again, utilizing the Cloudlifter Zi offered the prevailing solution for obtaining the most desirable result. I found that the noise levels were much, MUCH lower against the maximized signal quality. Artistically speaking, the vocals treated with the Cloudlifter Zi resulted in a brighter, richer more resonant ring and vibe than without. And, significantly so. I feel like the Cloudlifter-handled process is a rounder, tighter, more 3-dimensional, more robust sound (definitely more fun to listen to), while offering more control at mix. Absolutely delighted. I am so happy with this, I will certainly let this component live, pretty much, as a resident in the signal chain between my mic and pre-amp or console. It buffs up my sound, notches-up my “pro”… and helps relieve a few headaches while we’re at it. Cool! More time for music and less time fooling around with the knobs, searching. And, at a street price of about $379, it qualifies as a great value and would serve well in every musician or engineer’s signal chain."

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