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Setting the studio on fire: Recording sounds for Raiders of the Lost Ark

The lengths that true sound effects recordists will go to capture the perfect sound

Brooklyn, NY - Pro Sound Effects has partnered with audio post veterans Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson to release exclusive sound libraries from their private recording collection, available soon as the Mangini-Anderson Sound Library.

During an interview with PSE about his recording process and approach to sound for film, Mark Mangini shared a funny (and amazing!) story about recording fire sounds with partner Richard L. Anderson for an iconic scene from Spielberg's classic 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In the film, during a shootout between Indiana Jones and the Nazi commander's henchmen, fire starts spreading throughout the bar and catches a trail of spilled whiskey. And like true sound recordists, Mangini and Anderson were not willing to settle in their portrayal of the igniting trail of flames - so out came the sterno and benzene. Find out who is "the incredible burning man" in this short clip:

The soon-to-be-released Mangini-Anderson library offers 100,000 world-class sound effects encompassing more than 30 years of feature film sound for royalty-free use in your projects.

Watch the Nepal Shootout bar fight scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark here, and stay tuned for more stories from behind the sounds of Mark and Richard!

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