Producer Trevor Lawrence Jr. Touts UAD on Sonic Scoop

Music Marcom facilitated an interview with producer Trevor Lawrence Jr. for Sonic Scoop. Here is an excerpt on his use of UAD products:

"I’ve been there since the beginning right since the beginning when Universal Audio came out with the first Apollo. The gear was changing and I could sense the flow, like, “Wow I don’t have to have all these cards, and they have all these plugins but it doesn’t weigh down my computer?” That was the main game right there. I thought that was genius. And when the Twin came out me and all my guys that worked with me and Dre at the time all had them, because we work off laptop rigs and you’re constantly back and forth to home to the studio, and we travel to Hawaii and work. So those things sound amazing, and now with this Quad you can use so many more plugins. But, dude this is so little but it’s so huge: They put a talkback button on (the Twin)! I mean when you’re cutting vocals, and you do the makeshift hotel-room-bathroom-comforter-up-over-the-shower-curtain-rod — that whole thing is a road technique we use — you’re still in another room. So if you don’t have talkback you’re like (shouting), “HEY! I NEED YOU TO DO IT AGAIN!” It gets annoying. It made that whole thing so much easier."

See full interview here.

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