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Recording Magazine Reviews EVE Audio SC203

From the July 2016 issue:

"The SC203 is a brave entry into an already crowded market. Buyers of desk- top speakers are used to models that are either very inexpensive, meant for casual listening/computer gaming, or both. Why buy a desktop computer speaker system that costs as much as a pair of decent-quality nearfields? In this case, it’s because you get way more than a desktop computer speaker with the SC203 monitors. They’re detailed, airy, offer a lot of nuance when working with stereo material, and deliver a surprising amount of low end that’s clear, balanced, and more accurate than what you’d get in a lot of budget speak- ers with bigger woofers. The DSP settings and the flexibility of going from analog to optical to USB add up to a listening experience that you can take advantage of just about anywhere, and in today’s world of recording work on location in places far from home, that’s a huge advantage for the serious engineer. EVE Audio has turned a lot of heads with its existing line of larger monitors; with the SC203, it’s going to turn a lot more."

See full review here.

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