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Audient At The Heart of Santa Fe Vintage Studio Rejuvenation

Santa Fe, NM – Opened at the end of last year, Kitchen Sink Recording Studio is the product of audio engineers Jono Manson and Tim Schmoyer’s pooled talent and resources. In a brand new location in downtown Santa Fe, the ‘new’ place is actually an old studio, where they were lucky enough to keep and renovate some of the equipment left behind by previous owners. Adding an Audient ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control (DLC) into the mix has enabled them to benefit from the best of both worlds, combining all the advantages of DAW control and automation with classic analogue gear.

“My old studio already had a nice complement of gear, all of which migrated to the new location,” says Jono, who had owned the original Kitchen Sink Recording Studio just north of the city, for the previous 10 years. “I did purchase some additional gear, mostly in the form of dynamics, and we also inherited some gizmos from the old studio which existed in the space before we took over. Among these items are fairly impressive complement of vintage microphones which, added to what I have in my closet already, comprises a formidable array.

“Two analog tape machines (both 24 and 2 track) came with the new place. These have required some love and attention, but they're back up and running and humming right along! We also replaced every inch of cabling in the entire facility, and every solder point on every jack on every panel has been redone.”

Yet how did they come across the board from British audio company, Audient? “Time after time I heard the familiar refrain that these were extremely reliable, great sounding desks, that the EQ was very musical, and that the preamps offered an incredible amount of bang for the buck. So, Tim and I flew to New York so that we could get our hands on one, in the flesh. I ran the desk through its paces and pushed it hard (maybe harder than I ever will in my own studio, but don't tell anyone), and from that moment on that we were sold.

“The desk is extremely well designed, and very intuitive,” continues Jono. “The routing is extensive and very flexible. With the exception of a couple questions regarding the functions of the DLC, I have not had to crack the manual once since the desk has been up and running. I've been spending 12 to 15 hours a day in front of the ASP8024 and I can now honestly attest to the fact that, whether in tracking or mixing, all of the glowing endorsements were 100% true. So, kindly add mine to the list.”

“We contracted Pro Audio Design in Boston to conceive and execute our new patch bay. Apart from all of our outboard gear and our DAW and tape machines, every input, output, group, insert on the Audient comes up in the bay and we can easily assign tape sends (everything's normalled when it needs to be) to either ProTools or the 2" machine - or both, simultaneously.

”In short, it looks, feels and sounds great!”

Together Tim & Jono have built one of the highest spec’d studios in the region, so it’s no wonder that’s where Amanda Palmer chose to record vocals for her recent Bowie Tribute. Perhaps this place really does have everything – including the kitchen sink.

About Audient

With a proud heritage of award-winning audio excellence stretching back to 1997, Audient continues to develop exciting and innovative products for the audio recording market. The hallmark of quality begins with intelligent design, developing into solidly built products with pristine sound quality and inspiring features.

A philosophy of providing world class, affordable and accessible technology with the aim to capture and enhance creativity has seen Audient build a strong community of creative users in professional and home-studios worldwide. Impeccable performance and reliability can be seen throughout the versatile product range, from the flagship ASP8024 HE Heritage Edition studio console through the iD USB audio interfaces, the ASP series of rack mount mic pres and the compact analogue desk, ASP4816.

Audient operates from its headquarters in Hampshire, England.­

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