L2P.net Reviews Rockn Stompn RS-4 PLUS

Bill Evans dives into the world of power sequencing in his review of the Rockn Stompn RS-4 PLUS Sequential Power Strip:

"All in all. The RS-4 PLUS is gig worthy and well-built and looks good. (Note to all musicians, white power strips form Home Depot do NOT look good an stage and they make you look like an amateur.) The new modes in the updated model make it as powerful as a high-end rack-mount sequencing units from, say Middle Atlantic costing close to triple the price tag on the RS-4 PLUS. (And if you happen across one that is not updated, no fear. The new modes can be added to older units via a firmware update which the company is doing for free. And the power-strip format (versus a reach mount) actually make it useable in more situations than a straight rack-mount.

You need to carry at least one power strip almost regardless of the instrument you play. Get one that makes you look like a pro AND protects your expensive gear at the same time."

Read full review here.

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