Two German Reviews Of iZotope Ozone 7

Two German music media outlets, Recording Magazine and, have published reviews of iZotope Ozone 7.

Andreas Ecker for says, "iZotope Ozone 7 is an inexpensive complete package that takes all your mastering worries away; especially the Advanced version which offers extraordinary value in form of the Vintage modules. The sound of the vintage modules is extremely fine, high-resolution and superior."

See full review here.

Moritz Hillmayer of Recording says, "With the 7th version, iZotope has released an update to Ozone that's definitely worth it. Vintage Tape and Vintage Compressor are useful, the Vintage Limiter even more so, and the Vintage EQ seems downright essential. The codec preview is a great feature, that allows to preview what remains after the MP3 or AAC transformation so that you can respond to it even during the mastering! Sure, there are other plug-ins that contribute sonically different colors into play and that you may not want to do without; but with Ozone 7 you can easily handle the whole mastering process and even do dithering and export in various formats at the end."

See full review here.

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