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How I Work: Andrew Tracy from One Thousand Birds

The First Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library Owner Thrives in Brooklyn

NEW YORK, NY – Sound Designer and Mixer Andrew Tracy cut his teeth as a freelancer working in various studios in Los Angeles. When Pro Sound Effects made their next generation library available to freelancers with the release of the Hybrid Library, Tracy was the first to jump on board.

Today, Tracy runs One Thousand Birds in Brooklyn, where he and his team create immersive sonic landscapes for broadcast, web, theater, and more. “It’s the main library we use,” he says of the Hybrid Library. “It’s a great go to for sounds that we use everyday and it also has some really unique elements for building layered sounds.”

One Thousand Birds’ main studio on the top floor of an old printing factory has been open for over two years. It has a mix room and two edit rigs setup for 5.1 with a voice-over/Foley booth. With its 20-foot ceilings, old doors and exposed brick, the large, open space has the feel of a live venue and plays host to a monthly concert series.

“It’s where we host our monthly concert series OTB Live,” said Tracy. “One Sunday a month we have three bands come and play a 4-song set. We usually have about 50 people, it’s always a great time. There’s a mailing list on our website where people can sign up if they want to attend.”

Tracy has recently opened a satellite mix room in Manhattan’s Chinatown with a larger mix room and a voice-over booth set up for 5.1 mixing.

For more on How Andrew Tracy Works, including his favorite equipment, thoughts on the business, and where he finds inspiration, read the full interview here.

For more information on the Hybrid Library, visit The Hybrid Library is available 60% off through the Pro Sound Effects Freelancer Program - apply at Open enrollment ends December 31.


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