top of page Reviews Ozone 7, a site dedicated to music producers, musicians, sound designers and DJs has posted a full review of iZotope's new Ozone 7 Mastering Software.

"If you are mastering in-the-box, Ozone 7 is all you need, really, it’s a complex set of tools by itself, but, with the possibility to use third party plugins too, there’s nothing you can complain about. Modules sound great, the new vintage modules, have lots of characters, presets are really cool, in fact, I almost forget to mention that there are 10 presets designed by mastering engineer Greg Calbi, and those might very serious starting points, and for sure, they are awesome learning tools! So, to me, if you are into mastering, you should definitely consider using Ozone 7, I know I will."

Read the full review here.

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